Microwave Frisbee Issues


Unexpected things often happen when one is minding one’s own business. 

Yesterday, I was reheating a dab of baked beans in the microwave, when I suddenly remembered what beans do when left uncovered.  (They explode and interior decorate the microwave with interesting wall textures.)  

I hurriedly searched for the microwave splatter cover, only to find, as usual, that it was not in any of the normal places.  Knowing that my husband was probably the culprit who mislaid it, I called him in for consultation.  Yes, he was able to lay his hands on it in a matter of seconds.  

At that point he decided I needed a little practice with my hand-eye coordination, so he tossed the cover a la Frisbee in my direction.  Never mind that I was standing a mere four feet away from him, have always been coordinationally challenged, and have slow reflexes to boot.  Never mind that Paul will never be contacted by the Milwaukee Brewers to be one of their starting pitchers, either. 

Let’s just say I took that one on the nose – on the bridge of my beak, to be exact.  I was not enthralled with how wonderful it felt.  Maimed by my own husband, in a moment of goofiness! 

He was most apologetic, while I bellered, until I got it out of my system, about husbands who are too uninhibited for their own good and about nosebleeds not being my idea of a fun time.  We avoided the nosebleed, but I did end up with a dandy little X-shaped flesh wound that I can use as a conversation piece for the next week. 

By the way, we got the cover over the beans in time to prevent interior decoration of the microwave.


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