I’m from Wisconsin! (Part 1)


I’ve lived in Wisconsin most of my life.  I guess that would make me an expert on the culture.  If you don’t know anything about Wisconsin, this is your chance.  If you are a home school mom, you may even want to use this blog as part of your unit study on our wonderful state.

First, the important government stuff –

Our state motto:  Eat cheese or die!
The state dance:  Yes!  It IS the polka!
The state song:  In Heaven, There is No Beer
State colors: 
Green and gold (for the Packers)
State muffin: Cranberry muffin
State domestic animal:  Of course it’s a Holstein!  You were expecting thoroughbred horses?
State wild animal: We have two — the Packer fan and the “up nort” deer hunter
State fish: Muskie
State flower: Poison ivy
State sport: Again, we have two — cribbage and sheepshead
State hobby: Rummage sales

We used to have a different state motto — Forward!  And the state song used to be On Wisconsin!  But we had to change those.  You see, we don’t do much going “on” or “forward” here.  And there was a lot of pressure from a couple of the industries.  The dairy farmers needed to boost business, so they wanted something about cheese in the motto.  And the Tavern League — well!  Let’s just say this lobby group rules the legislature, and if we hadn’t a’ changed the state song to In Heaven There Is no Beer there might have been some problems getting reelected for some of those senators and assemblymen.

The state flag is blue with a gold fringe, but you can bet it comes up each year in the legislature that we should change it to green and gold with a great big “G” smack dab in the middle of it.  We staved this move off for a few years when the powers that be pulled a deal to get the taxpayers to pay for the Green Bay Packer stadium construction.  We’re hoping the legislature’s euphoria over that astute move will keep them content for a few years, and they’ll leave their fingers off the flag.

I know you are wondering why we have a state muffin.  Nobody else has a state muffin.  (Nobody else has some of the other cool things we have, either.)   When  the legislature got bored a few years ago, and decided, for lack of anything better to do, that we needed a state muffin, one of the assemblymen waxed sarcastic.  He suggested that if we needed a state muffin, a cow pie might be appropriate.  Most of us were just happy that they were focusing on muffins instead of raising the taxes again.

Hot bulletin with a slight correction: My daughter just informed me that other states DO have a state muffin.  Apparently, their legislatures have nothing else to do, either.

Tomorrow we will continue this informative dissertation.  All you home schoolers stay tuned!


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