Family Visits, Bathroom Takeovers

After a week’s visit, my older daughter and the grandkids went back to Pittsburgh.  It’s always wonderful to see them, but I think we all breathe sighs of relief when we part company and go back to our own little routine again.  We cry and we smile at the same time!

Our house is small, with no extra bedrooms, so when family comes to visit, our younger daughter must leave behind the luxury of her own room and bath, and take her nightly repose on the living room couch.  This is somewhat inconvenient for all of us, especially when she waxes imperious in ordering the rest of us to bed when she feels it is time to get her beauty rest.

However, three of us all using the downstairs bathroom is the most traumatic part of the whole experience.  Have you ever had to share your facilities with a teenage girl for a week?  Our bathroom suddenly looks like the health and beauty aisle at Wal-Mart.  I do not know why one small person should need so many products to keep herself looking lovely.  When she moves in there is not a square inch for any of the rest of us to so much as store a toothbrush.  There are skin cleansers here, oil-absorbing papers there, makeup to the left of me, hairspray to the right of me – and many other foreign objects too numerous and mystifying to describe.  The shelf fills up and the residue spills onto the floor beneath.  The tub holds whatever the shelf and floor cannot contain – and it is a mighty big overflow, let me tell you!  We have to pick our way carefully along the narrow path from the door to the commode, if we want to avoid stepping on something.  Even my older daughter, a beauty queen in her own right, wonders at the magnitude of it all.

Even worse than the clutter is the amount of time our teenager spends hogging the bathroom.  Two-hour showers — I kid you not!  Now, the hot water runs out after about the first half hour, but Beebee gets in some great cogitating time while waiting for it to heat up again.  If she doesn’t eventually solve at least half the world’s problems, while waiting for phases two and three of her shower, it will all be a total waste, but I am hoping it will all bear fruit somewhere down the road.

There are times that the wait has been so extended that I have had difficulty remembering what it looks like in that bathroom.  And woe betide to anyone who has not planned carefully to use the facilities before the teenager commences her toilette!   The only solution is the gas station down the street.


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