TV Dinners 

We just finished supper. I can’t believe what we ate.  There was a sale on TV dinners at the grocery store this past week — 10 / $5.00.  We swallowed the bait, and ended up with four chicken, four barbecued pork ribs, and two tamale dinners.

When I was a child, we ate TV dinners frequently at our house.  I remember them as being a good feed, a satisfying experience.  But for one reason or another, in twenty-nine years of married life, I don’t think I have ever bought TV dinners.  They are not the same as I remember from childhood days.  This is an understatement, by the way.

They looked rather appetizing from the picture on the box. You’re either laughing at me or just rolling your eyes in disgust.  Ha!  You knew the outside of the box was not a true picture of what was inside.  I, however, am a trusting, naive little creature.  I believed the box!  But they lied.  And believe me, it was NO Banquet!

Upon looking inside, my first thought was, “I’ve been had!”  (OK, so I shouldn’t expect much for $.50 per box.)  There were about ten little French fry crumbs in one cubicle of the tray, and some black stuff that would have been soupy if it hadn’t been frozen in another.  Mystified as to what it was, I consulted the box picture again.  Oh.  It was a brownie waiting-to-be.   The chicken strips looked more promising, but I couldn’t help but wonder how this was going to feed one whole person.

We cooked enough of these little entrees to feed one and a half medium-sized humans — but since that was three dinners, and there were three of us, it wasn’t an abundance of food.  It provided a lot of table conversation of a jovial sort.  Fun conversation is an important part of every meal, so I suppose we really got more than our money’s worth (if humorous quips were figured into the purchase price).

After entertaining ourselves with our four or five forkfuls of food and the witty remarks they magically produced, I got curious as to what we had just done to ourselves.  Oh, horrors!  470 calories per meal, with a whopping 27 grams of fat each!  42% of our recommended daily fat intake, according to the fine print.  It will be dry bread crusts dipped in diluted skim milk for the family for the next week, so that we can recover and unclog our arteries!

I have decided that TV dinners are an experience to remember … but not to repeat.


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